powerClust is an easy-to-use web application for clustering analysis. It comes with several supervised and unsupervised algorithms to cluster and group heterogeneous data. application to run.
The algorithms supported by powerClust are shown below:
  • Affinity Propagation 
  • Spectral Clustering    
  • Markov Clustering (MCL)
The main idea behind powerClust project is to provide a strong collection of clustering algorithms that can be applied to various data to address different problems. Ideas of how this software can be useful for biologists for:
  • Abstract clustering of literature that are related between each other 
  • Microarray clustering
  • Identification of protein families   
  • Prediction of protein complexes from protein-protein interaction data
  • Prediction and visualization of homologous proteins 
  • Clustering of heterogeneous data to see connections between clusters   
  • Chemical clustering using Tanimoto distances

....and many many other case studies