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Pantelis Bagos

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Research interests

My research is focused on the computational analysis of biological sequences (DNA, RNA and proteins). The main research interests include:
  • prediction of protein structure and function from the primary sequence,
  • development of stochastic models for analyzing biological sequences,
  • large-scale genome analyses,
  • development of methodology for genetic association and gene expression studies (See more).


I have co-authored more than 80 publications in peer-reviewed journals (Total ISI Impact Factor = 261.636) . For a complete list of publications see here.


Scopus: citations= 1738, h-index=25, m-index=1.92 (Scopus Citations)
Google Scholar: citations= 2506, h-index=29, m-index=2.23 (Google Scholar Citations)

Research projects

  • 8/2015-7/2016, «Information System for Patient Monitoring», Private Funding (donation)
  • 2/2014-7/2015: "Integration of Data from Multiple Sources (IntDaMuS)" ARISTEIA II, (General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Principal Investigator
  • 3/2013-2/2015: «Modern bioinformatics techniques in studying the mechanism of action of membrane receptors and their implications in human diseases», CO-OPERATION 2009 program (Program for co-operation of Universities and Enterprises funded by the Greek Ministry of Education), Principal Investigator for UCG
  • 1/2/2011-31/1/2012: "Algorithms for clustering and visualization in systems biology", Academic supervisor (Post-doctoral research fellowship from the State Scholarships Foundation - Greece)
  • 10/2009-09/2010: “Genetic Epidemiology of metabolic syndrome” Principal Investigator, (Greek Ministry of Health)
  • 06/2007-05/2008: “Development of Bioinformatics methodology for recognition of neighboring transmembrane alpha-helices in multispanning membrane proteins from the aminoacid sequence” (Greek-Cyprus co-operation programme)
  • 02/2007-01/2008: "Machine Learning Algorithms for Bioinformatics" Post-doctoral research fellow (Post-doctoral research fellowship from the State Scholarships Foundation - Greece)
  • 01/2006-12/2006: "PYTHAGORAS II: Mathematical models for Bioinformatics" (EPEAEK)
  • 06/2005-08/2006: "PYTHAGORAS: Development of original methodology and software for constructing multiple alignments of biological sequences and their objective evaluation" (EPEAEK)
  • 5/2005- 8/2006: "Postgraduate program in Bioinformatics" (EPEAEK)
  • 11/2002-05/2005: "IRAKLEITOS: Prediction of structure and function of membrane proteins" (EPEAEK)
  • 4/2001-12/2003: "Development of an integrated framework for studying transmembrane receptors and their ligands through the Internet"
  • 4/2000- 8/2000: "Biostatistics action" (EPEAEK)

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