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Niki Dimou


Research interests

  • meta-analysis
  • biostatistics
  • genetic epidemiology


  • Dimou NL, Adam M, Bagos PG, A Multivariate Method for Meta-Analysis and Comparison of Diagnostic Tests. Statistics in Medicine
    2016 [PDF]
  • Tsiara C, Nikolopoulos GK, Dimou N, Bagos P, Saroglou G, Velonakis E, Hatzakis A. Effect of Hepatitis C Virus on Immunologic and Virologic Response in HIV Infected Patients Initiating Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: An Updated Meta-Analysis Journal of Viral Hepatitis 2013 20(10): 715-724 [PDF] [Pubmed] [Google Scholar]
  • Spyridopoulou K, Dimou NL, Hamodrakas SJ, Bagos PG. Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase gene polymorphisms and their association with methotrexate toxicity: A meta-analysis. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, 2012 22(2):117-33  [PDF] [Pubmed] [Google Scholar]
  • Bagos PG, Dimou NL, Liakopoulos TD, Nikolopoulos GK. Meta-Analysis of Family-Based and Case-Control Genetic Association Studies that Use the Same CasesStatistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. 2011  [PDF] [Pubmed] [Google Scholar]
  • Dimou NL, Nikolopoulos GK, Hamodrakas SJ, Bagos PG. Fcgamma receptor polymorphisms and their association with periodontal disease: A meta-analysis. 2010 Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 37(3):255-65 [PDF] [Pubmed] [Google Scholar]
  • Ioannidis A, Ikonomi E, Dimou NL, Douma L, Bagos PG. Polymorphisms of the Insulin Receptor and the Insulin Receptor Substrates genes in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: a mendelian randomization meta-analysis. 2010, Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 99(2):174–183 [PDF] [Pubmed] [Google Scholar]
  • Nikolopoulos GK, Dimou NL, Hamodrakas SJ, Bagos PG. Cytokine gene polymorphisms in periodontal disease: A meta-analysis of 53 studies including 4178 cases and 4590 controls. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 2008, 35(9):754-67 [PDF] [Pubmed] [Google Scholar]