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NamePositionThesisNow at:URL
Eleni Trivilou BSc student Genetic epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer  facebook 
Christiana Nikolaou BSc student PAI-1 polymorphisms in diabetes University of Cyprus, MSc student  
Sylvia Ktistaki BSc student Cytokine polymorphisms in Type 1 diabetes University of Manchester, MSc student  
Alexis Loukas BSc student Haplotype analysis Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, MSc student facebook 
Eleni Ikonomi BSc student Genetic epidemiology of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Linkedin 
Sissy Haritou BSc student Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in genetic association studies University of Dublin, Phd Student Homepage 
Maria Hatzou BSc student Markovian models for biological sequence analysis CRG, Barcelona, PhD Student Homepage 
Vassilis Kargas BSc student Genetic epidemiology of prostate cancer Bioinformatics Institute (BII) A*STAR - Agency for Science, Technology and Research, PhD Student Linkedin 
Georgia Peleka BSc student Methods for analysis of microarray data Computer Software Professional Linkedin 
Mariana Tsana BSc student Genetic epidemiology of diabetes Department of Mental Health and Social Welfare at Institute of Child Health Linkedin 
Alexandra Vatsiou BSc student Polymorphisms of SHBG in PCOS  University of Grenoble, Post-doc Homepage 
Katerina Skoultsou BSc student Cpn infection and ischemic stroke  Harokopion University, MSc facebook 
Elisanthi Nikolaou BSc student Prediction of Tat signal peptides University of Nottingham, MSc  Linkedin 
Chrysa Maleskou BSc student Prediction of post-translational modifications of proteins University of Piraeus, MSc  Linkedin 
Konstantina Papadimitriou BSc student PAI-1 polymorphisms in hypertension University of Thessaly, MSc  
Christina Kermelioti BSc student Genetic risk prediction for T2DM   
Eleni Christodoulopoulou BSc student Genetic risk prediction for hypertension   
Christina Charalambous BSc student Genetic risk prediction for cancer   
Nikos Nikolakakis BSc student Genetic epidemiology University of Athens, MSc  
Louis Papageorgiou BSc student Gene prioritization methods University of Athens, PhD student fecebook 
Athina Amanatidou BSc student Genetic risk prediction for autoimmune diseases University of Athens, MSc Student  
Ilias Spyros BSc Student (co-supervision with Kostas Delimpasis) Image recognition in survival analysis   facebook  
Irini Kalatha  BSc student (co-supervision with Maria Adam)  Non-positive definite covariance matrices    
Konstantina Vennou BSc student (University of Ioannina)  Polymorphisms of Androgen Receptor in PCOS  University of Thessaly, MSc facebook 
Niki Dimou PhD Student Methodology of multivariate meta-analysis for genetic association studies University of Ioannina Niki Dimou 
Georgios Pavlopoulos Post-doctoral Fellow Biological Networks University of Crete, Researcher 
Stefanos Bonovas Post-doctoral Fellow Meta-analysis University of Athens, Lecturer 
Athanasia Pavlopoulou Post-doctoral Fellow Meta-analysis of microarrays Dokuz Eylül University  
Showing 28 items