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Tenure Track position in Statistical Genomics

posted Mar 26, 2011, 2:48 AM by Pantelis Bagos
Ghent University: Tenure Track position in Statistical Genomics

Ghent University invites applications for a full time tenure track  position dedicated to research in Statistical Genomics. The position  is funded by the Special Research Fund (BOF) as one of five tenure  track positions in Bioinformatics launched at Ghent University as part  of its Multidisciplinary Research Partnership in Bioinformatics `From  Nucleotides to Networks' (N2N). This is an interdisciplinary field  joining the expertise of scientists with different backgrounds to  solve problems in (molecular) biology through computational means,  which Ghent University has identified as one of their 5 areas of  excellence.

We seek an upcoming research leader with an outstanding scientific  record in Statistical Genomics, motivated to play a major role in the  high profile Multidisciplinary Research Partnership in Bioinformatics.  The successful candidate is expected to engage in research related to  one or more work packages identified by the partnership  ( to 1) build streamlined pipelines to  deal with increasingly large numbers of heterogeneous data, 2)  integrate these data for further downstream analyses, 3) develop novel  tools and approaches for systems biology (inferring and modeling  biological networks), and 4) apply these tools and approaches to  Sustainable Agriculture and Successful Aging.

The successful candidate will be hosted within the Statistics research  group at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.  The group is internationally recognized, primarily for its research on  causal inference and robust statistics.  More recently, the group has  been developing closer ties with industry and government and develops  targeted applied research, valorizing the academic work for innovation  in society, through the consortium Stat-Gent CRESCENDO. This unit has  its own scientific staff and operates across the university, in inter-faculty collaboration. The primary focus here is on life  sciences, the analysis of electronic health records and genetics data.

This position will initially be a five-year temporary appointment in a  Tenure Track system dedicated to research, with a limited teaching  load. The appointment will be made in the starting rank of assistant  professor, with effect from 1 October 2011. Upon positive evaluation  by the university board, the position will lead to a permanent  position starting at the level of associate professor, at which point  the teaching load may be revised.

Profile: the candidate should:

-        Meet the degree requirements (PhD based on a doctoral thesis  or equivalent recognised diploma), indicated in Article 83 of the  Decree of 12 July 1991 concerning universities within the Flemish  Community; the PhD or equivalent should have been obtained after 1  February 2004, but not later than 1 February 2009;
-        Candidates should hold a PhD with a doctoral thesis in  sciences with a strong quantitative statistical component, by  preference in Physical Sciences, including Statistics and Mathematics,  Life Sciences, Bioscience engineering, or a degree recognized as  equivalent;
-        Have carried out outstanding scientific research in  Statistical Genomics, with corresponding research output;
-        Have strong didactic, communicative and organisational skills;
-        Have experience in generating research projects and/or  coaching PhD students;
-        Have acquired international academic experience;

The governing language at Ghent University is Dutch. However, research  is primarily conducted in English. Persons who do not speak Dutch as a  native language are very welcome to apply and are expected to acquire  a working knowledge of the language.

Applications must be sent in duplicate by registered mail to the  Vice-Chancellor of Ghent University, Vice-Chancellor?s Office,  Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000 Ghent, using the necessary application form, together with proof of suitability (e.g., copies of  the applicant?s diplomas). After preselection, candidates will be  asked to submit a research project plan which fits into the research  objectives of the Multidisciplinary Research Partnership. A  description will be made available.

The deadline for submission is April 29, 2011. The date of posting is  accepted as the date of receipt.

Further information concerning this vacancy is available on  and/or  can be requested by contacting Stijn Vansteelandt ( or Els Goetghebeur  ( The required application form for this  position is available on the internet, or  can be requested from Ghent University, F.A.O. Department of Personnel  and Organisation, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000 Ghent, or  via  telephone on. +32-9-264 31 29 or +32-9-264 31 30.